CAVA Philosophy


CAVA owners have built more than 600 homes ranging in size and style in desirable locations such as Santa Fe, Taos, Dallas, San Antonio, throughout New Mexico, and of course, The Hill Country. While lives can change in a day, 35 years of experience can only be earned. Home building is a learned art of skills, trials, tribulations and patience. But it's the passion for creating an environment for families to flourish that keeps CAVA owners in the business and sets them apart from most. 

Earned experience over the course of 35 years means that the CAVA owners have lived through costly challenges and know how to foresee and prevent these challenges now; it means that CAVA owners have expert precision both in the planning, development and execution stages of home building to provide an optimal, efficient and enjoyable experience from start to finish for you and your family. Earned experiences is one of the most valuable benefits that we offer our homeowner clients. 

About the CAVA Family

CAVA luxury Homes started as a partnership formed by three men who live for their families, have a passion for home building, and believe that creating safe environments through structures start with a strong relationship between builder and homeowner. Oh, and celebration of life's moments help too.  

Building Your Home

At CAVA, we practice transparency. Read about it on our process page.  

Relationships with Suppliers

Just as every beam is important to the structure of a house. Each supplier and Sub-contractor is important to the structure of our service. At CAVA , we believe that each member of the team-core, internal, external, or extended is vital to the process. We work with the very best in their craft and value people and performance above all else. We value service and product over shortcuts and fast turnarounds. Transparency is a core value of ours, so those who we work with model these important values as well.

CAVA builds homes with efficiency and professionalism while fostering strong and long-lasting relationships with subcontractors, vendors and employees and assuring a positive foundation for our team. 


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