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Boutique Builder

Smaller volume boutique building is a specialized approach that focuses on your needs and desires throughout the entire home building process. Boutique goes beyond the concept of "custom" home building as we limit our home builds to provide transparency and family-inspired service. 


While your home might have long been completed by CAVA, please know that you are always a part of the CAVA family. For example, Kosta built his Financial Adviser's first home when he was 18 years old and they still remain friends and a part of each other's lives. This is commonplace for many members of the CAVA homeowner family. Success to CAVA is building a strong relationship with our homeowners in addition to a dream home for your family. 

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In the CAVA family, our homeowners work hard for their money in the same way that we do, so we're proud to adapt and artfully accommodate a variety of budget needs and situations. 

Value is also expressed in how we treat you. We value our home owners. At CAVA, we are involved personally in each home that we build. We will be with you during every step of the home building process. Rest assured that you will not be handed off to a superintendent or project manager once you've signed a contract with us. You start with the owners of CAVA, and you finish with the owners of CAVA. Boutique building, at its core, is relationship-based and offers specialized service.